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“We would like to welcome Emma Overend to UKFL to work alongside our existing Vet team.
With her extensive knowledge, training and experience we are looking forward to working with her”


Although the following are commonly used as individual therapies I personally use them in combination as required.  Each powerful combination provides significant and game-changing benefits for your dog.

-McTimoney Chiropractic

-Clinical Massage

-Canine Touch

-Canine Exercise Rehabilitation



I run a series of specialist workshops to enhance your learning from self-interest workshops through to becoming a Canine Core Conditioning Coach with the Canine Conditioning Academy.

We have something to suit all, helping you to support your dogs musculoskeletal health throughout their life.


-Beginners Guide To Canine Massage

-Agility and Sports Massage





-2 Day Core Foundation Workshop

-1 Year Course Licenced
Canine Conditioning Coach


Strength From The Inside Out

The Canine Conditioning Academy is bridging the gap in canine therapy and training. Our programmes are science-based, focusing on correct form which leads to correct function.

Using human and equine exercise principles that re-educate neuromuscular function our aim is to re-balance the canine body, correct movement patterns which will improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

IT’S ALL ABOUT FORM  – our exercises are based on getting correct FORM which encourages the correct firing of muscles to improve function.

Foundation Intermediate Advanced Training Programmes

It is common in equine and human training to incorporate core strength training and there is now much research in the correct way to condition dogs. Our courses pull together the most current research from human, equine, and canine conditioning and fitness giving our students the most relevant scientific basis to excel in this new field of Canine Conditioning.

In creating the Canine Conditioning Academy the founders have integrated their vast knowledge and experience in canine therapy and exercise physiology with the experience gained by teaching and implementing canine exercise programmes. 

Research and techniques from human, equine, and canine conditioning and remedial training are key to the conditioning programs which have been developed over 8 years of intense review. 100s of dogs are using the Canine Conditioning Academy fitness programmes and the results speak for themselves.

The Canine Conditioning Academy offers a range of courses in total conditioning and fitness for dogs.

Our unique programmes are designed to develop canine strength from the inside out. Foundation Conditioning is the key to a fit, healthy, flexible, balanced dog helping them to get the best out of life and reach their full athletic potential is what every they do.

We train Dog Lovers, Trainers, Canine Sports Participants, Canine Professionals, Therapists, and our Clients to develop, maintain and value canine conditioning and fitness.

We run courses for everyone from our  One Day Massage Workshops for owners and competitors to the Canine Conditioning Academy Licensed Instructor programme for canine professionals wanting to learn about and teach advanced canine conditioning.

Our licensed Instructor programme  is externally accredited and approved as a customised provision by LANTRA, the national industry recognised awarding body regulated by OFQUAL, SQA, and Qualification Wales.


Emma Overend Canine rehabilitation specialist


Emma Overend is one of the UK’s leading clinical specialists in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury.

With over 20 years of rehabilitation experience Emma combines McTimoney Chiropractic, Clinical Canine Massage, Canine Touch and Rehabilitation exercises as your dog needs them providing the ultimate therapeutic treatment.

Offering the highest quality service Emma will provide you with an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan for your dog.

“Whether treating your beloved canine companion or your top sporting dogs, what drives Emma is improving your dogs well being and ensuring their musculoskeletal health is at it’s absolute best!”

Who I Help

My rehabilitation programs work wonders for dogs with orthopaedic conditions like:


Hip or Elbow Dysplasia

IVDD or Spondylosis

I keep the following Canine Athletes at the peak of their fitness :

– Agility, Flyball, Working Trails, Gundogs,

– Canicross, Obedience, Scentwork, Showdogs


Although the following are commonly used as individual therapies I personally use them in combination as required.  Each powerful combination provides significant and game-changing benefits for your dog.


– McTimoney Animal Chiropractic

– Clinical Canine Massage Therapy

– Canine Touch:  Gentle yet powerful soft tissue release 

– Canine Exercise Rehabilitation


I started competing in agility with my little working cocker spaniel, Spider, just over 2 years ago. From the get-go she was amazing. Super-fast, clever and picked things up within seconds. However, whilst out on a walk Spider slipped and injured herself. Straight away I was extremely worried and took her to the vet. The vet recommended I went to a physio or chiropractor. I searched high and low for the perfect chiropractor. Eventually, I came across Emma Overend at Overend Orthopaedic. I chose Emma because she also specialises in canine massage. After two sessions with Emma, lots of homework and rest, Spider was back to normal being her crazy and happy self

Lily & Spider

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